Verschoor Travel

To make sure your stay in the Netherlands will be unique and pleasant, Verschoor Travel will help you to arrange your accommodation. They selected various hotels and hostels for your stay during the World Championships Baton Twirling 2020. The selection of these rooms is based on comfort, price and quality.

If you would like to see more of the Netherlands during your stay, Verschoor Travel can also help you with organizing day trips and other activities.

Do not hesitate to contact Verschoor Travel agency for booking your accommodation. Please sent an email to:

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The World Championships Baton Twirling will take place in The Netherlands. We are proud to be your host during this event. In this brochure we are informing you about our possibilities to make your stay warm and comfortable during your event. We understand that during the World Championships your stay as an athlete should be comfortable and an absolute unique experience…

For more information, please download the full brochure of Verschoor Travel.